How to Change Domain Nameservers

Understanding Name Server

Nameserver is the name of a web server that is used to direct the domain to a particular server which is usually written in the format ns1.namasever. [Extension domain], etc. Each service has different names from each other, depending on the configuration that is done.

Know your Domain Name Server

Every web hosting service provider and domain registrar will inform the name server to their clients. The name server info is notified to the client via registered email. In addition, the client can also check nameservers through the member area page.

How to Check and Change the Name Server

Like Niagahoster which has several nameservers because each server has its own nameservers and Niagahoster has many servers. To check the Niagahoster nameservers according to what you order, you just need to enter the member area page:

Картинки по запросу hosting
  • Open the following link:
  • Enter your email & password
  • If you have successfully entered the member area page, select the Products & Services menu and then select your hosting order and click on the Manage menu .
  • If you want to change your domain nameservers, please enter a new nameservers, then click the Update button .

Note: For other providers, how to change the name server is almost the same as the steps above.

Thus, hopefully it is useful. And for those of you who are in need of web hosting services, please refer to the following info: Cheap Hosting Promos Discount 40% .

Domain with Own Name or Key Words?

In an article about what blog authority is , Mas Kirman Syam asked me the point like this: “To build an authority blog, it is more suitable to use your own name (all personal branding) or use domain names with keywords according to the topic?

I answered the question in the article. However, I rewrite it and add it to you here.

My answer is depending on the purpose and availability of the domain. Honestly, at the beginning of August 2018 I wanted to create an authority blog with a domain name that contained the word business. The reason is, it’s cool if I use a domain that has the word business.

However, I find it difficult to find a domain like that which is good because it has been taken by many people (I searched for two days). Plus, I also don’t know Lean Domain Search because I just discovered the site on August 29, 2018 while reading the Spencer Haws article from .

I don’t want a lot of consideration, I just use the domain which I already use on my personal blog. On the positive side, besides turning the blog into a business blog, I also do personal branding.

The thing is, I want to break away slowly from the Blogodolar brand. Not only that, I am also preparing a platform to penetrate major publishers.

How to Buy a Domain

At this stage, you already have a good domain name and have never been used by anyone. Well, where did you buy the domain?

There are two choices. First, you can buy the domain at the hosting provider that you will choose later. The good news is that there are a number of local hosting providers who are free to purchase domain names for the first year. This helps you save money, right?

The second option is you buy a domain in a separate place from the hosting you are using. For example, on,, and

Personally, I prefer to buy domain names in Name Cheap. This is because I got a $ 1 discount and WhoisGuard forever for each domain.

Похожее изображение

Oh yeah, because is good for me, I “secured” it by buying the domain name at NameCheap for 9.79 US dollars.

Will I make an authority blog with a healthy topic at the age of 40? Not for this year.

I will use the domain to create a sales page for one or two products related to men’s health. This is in the context of training to hone my copywriting skills.

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