Indonesia’s Cheapest Hosting IDR 110,000 / Year

Hosting is one of the most important components of a weblog. Just say you have the intention to create a WordPress self hosting blog ( your own hosting ), then the first provision you have to prepare is web hosting and a domain name that will be your blog’s unique address. And here that might be an obstacle for a beginner is to refer to the price of renting a web hosting that is not cheap. The rental price for web hosting generally starts from Rp. 300 thousand per year. If you do not have income from a blog, do not rule out you are constrained by the cost of renting web hosting.

Картинки по запросу hosting

Thanks to being registered as an ArdetaMedia member , I got important info from the local web hosting service provider company. ArdetaMedia offers the cheapest package of rental web hosting prices from the cheapest. With only Rp 110.00o, you can already enjoy quality web hosting services from one of the best web hosting providers in Indonesia . For those of you who are constrained by costs, it looks like your problem has been resolved. You can create your own WordPress hosting blog with the cheapest hosting prices from ArdetaMedia.

Quality of ArdetaMedia Web Hosting Services

Usually something that is priced at a low price leaves certain disadvantages. Then what about the quality of web hosting services from ArdetaMedia? With prices that are so cheap, is the quality of service reliable? An interesting question! Please see further explanation regarding the quality of ArdetaMedia web hosting below.

ArdetaMedia is one of the most popular web hosting providers in Indonesia. ArdetaMedia’s pretty good popularity certainly cannot be separated from the services they provide. There are many web hosting providers in the country, and ArdetaMedia is in the most popular ranks. How can a provider get high popularity if their service is bad?

ArdetaMedia Server Features and Quality

Server features and quality are a priority in choosing web hosting, especially in terms of speed and stability. Of course you don’t want your blog visitor to be disappointed when visiting because your blog is down or failed to access.

ArdetaMedia Hardware and Software Specifications

ArdetaMedia’s server quality meets the standards of quality web hosting services. The following hardware & software specifications used by Ardeta Media:

Storage with SSD RAID 10

Solid State Drive (SSD) is the latest hard drive model that has advantages over ordinary hard drives. Both in terms of speed, stability, and reliability, SSDs are better than HDDs so it’s not surprising if the price is more expensive. The SSD itself is divided into several RAID levels depending on needs. According to PC Mag, RAID level with the best performance and compatible for database use is RAID level 10.

With SSD RAID 10, it is not surprising if ArdetaMedia allows its customers to use autoblog, which is a type of blog that can create content automatically or better known as AGC (auto generated content) blog where AGC blogs need a server with very good durability.


In general, hosting providers use the Apache or Nginx system on their servers. Both have several differences. Apache is known to have more features, while nginx is more RAM efficient so it can provide better performance and more handle requests.


For ArdetaMedia users, they are provided with cPanel for shared hosting services, where the features contained in it are quite complete, such as the availability of Softaculous to facilitate site creation, webmail, statistics, and supporting tools for implementing SEO and marketing.


LiteSpeed ​​functions to help the server to produce the best performance. With LiteSpeed, the speed of blog sites can increase up to 3 times faster. Not surprisingly, the LiteSpeed ​​license is quite expensive and rarely used by web hosting services.

Bandwidth is one of the resources that must be met to ensure that your blog site is always accessible normally. ArdetaMedia uses unlimited bandwidth so you don’t have to worry about running out of bandwidth. At some other web hosting service providers bandwidth is still valued quite expensive.

Apart from unlimited bandwidth, ArdetaMedia also does not limit disk space. Every ArdetaMedia web hosting package service is an unlimited disk space web hosting service. This will be very useful if you plan to create a blog or website that is filled with many image files, such as wallpaper websites.

Картинки по запросу hosting

What about Uptime ArdetaMedia web hosting services? Uptime is a situation where your blog can be accessed by visitors. The opposite of uptime is downtime, which is a condition where the blog cannot be accessed by visitors. Every blog should be able to present content to its visitors for 24 hours, so it is very important to know the uptime of the server used.

If you use ArdetaMedia web hosting services, you will not be confused with uptime. ArdetaMedia web hosting service has a 99.98% Uptime, aka almost perfect.

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