The Best Hosting for Online Business

Hosting is one of the important components on the website. Although its main function is storage media, hosting basically has a very vital function. Hosting is not only a media for storing website data, but will also contribute to the performance of a website.

Choosing your own hosting is arguably easy. It’s easy because there are so many choices, and it’s considered difficult because it requires selection to be able to get quality hosting services. In fact, only a small proportion of the many hosting providers are truly able to provide quality web hosting services . The rest, just sowing promises through their advertising campaigns.

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However, choosing quality hosting is actually quite simple. There are several parameters to uncover the quality of hosting services from a provider. You can pay attention to the standards of their server devices. From there you can recognize whether the web hosting service provider is relevant to the “qualified” rating or vice versa.

Besides referring to device standards, you also need to pay attention to the features and conveniences they offer. As a consumer, of course you want a hosting service that really suits your needs. Not only server speed, but a number of other aspects also need to be considered, such as storage space capacity, bandwidth capacity, security aspects, to technical support for consumers.

Good Hosting for Online Business

Whatever type of website you want to create, you will need quality web hosting so as not to disrupt the development of your website, whether it be personal blogs, community blogs, online store sites, or online business blogs. And the bigger the scale of your website, the more it requires you to be more selective in choosing web hosting.

In running an online business with a variety of types, you need a powerful server to ensure your website is always accessible normally, especially when your website traffic is experiencing significant traffic spikes. The higher your website traffic, the more tested the quality of the hosting service you use. Therefore, it is very important for you to sort through before deciding whether to host your website on one of the providers.

Quality web hosting is a web hosting service that has a powerful server, has a layered security system, and features a number of the latest features. This kind of hosting criteria is what you need to become your website’s online cupboard that will ensure the stability of the website’s performance in various conditions, especially when there is a significant increase in traffic .

Characteristics of the Best Hosting Company

There are several parameters that can concern you before deciding to buy a hosting package at one provider, including:

1. Device Standards

As I mentioned above, the device standard is one of the barometers of the quality of hosting a provider. Before buying, make sure you find out the device spec used by the provider.

2. Company reputation

The company’s reputation is one indicator as good as what a web hosting service provider. Find out their reputation before you decide to order a hosting package. You can browse to find information about the hosting provider.

3. Number of Clients

The more clients, then in theory this indicates the quality of their services. Logically, the large number of clients is the impact of the quality of service providers. If indeed the quality is bad, will people continue to use their hosting service? Of course it will switch to another provider.

4. Give a warranty

Almost no hosting company, both domestic and foreign, does not provide a refund guarantee, except for the hosting provider, the existence of which is still questionable If you find that there is no refund guarantee, then you should not choose the provider.

5. Technical Support Team

Another indicator is the presence of a technical support team that is ready to help clients 24 hours non-stop. All well-known hosting companies ensure all their clients will be served 24 hours non-stop, either through email, tickets or live chat. Make sure you try their live chat service to ascertain whether their technical support team is really standby to serve clients.

Recommended Quality Hosting for Online Business

The best domestic hosting company that I recommend to you for hosting online business blogs is Niagahoster . Niagahoster is the best hosting provider in Indonesia that is not only good in terms of reputation, but also offers affordable rental fees for quality hosting sizes with a number of benefits that you can get.

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What are the advantages of Niagahoster? Here are some of the advantages Niagahoster offers to their clients:

  1. Above Average Uptime
    If you observe, there are many web hosting services that provide almost the same uptime guarantee, but unfortunately they don’t display data accurately so the claim still needs to be questioned. While Niagahoster’s uptime server is estimated to be 99.9%.
  2. Special e-Commerce Features
    One of the best features offered by Niagahoster is the e-Commerce feature, which is a special web build application for those of you who want to build an online store site. This feature will be very useful if you plan to create an online web store.
  3. Diverse Hosting Packages
    You can buy hosting services according to your level of need. In Niagahoster there are various types of web hosting packages available so that clients can choose the type of service according to their needs.
  4. Free Domain Forever
    You will get a free TLD domain forever as long as you are still using Niagahoster’s web hosting service. This will make you a little more economical because you do not have to spend too much to buy a domain name separately.
  5. Offer Free SSL
    In general SSL is sold separately, but in Niagahoster you will get it for free. SSL itself will have a positive effect on the website because SSL is a safe protocol.
  6. Unlimited Addon Domain
    Not only provides fast server quality, Niagahoster also offers unlimited Addon Domain features. This feature will be very useful for those of you who want to create many websites with one hosting account.
  7. Optimized for WordPress 
    WordPress is one of the best CMS with a large number of users. If you plan to create a website with a WordPress CMS, you can choose a special WordPress hosting package that is optimized for WordPress.
  8. 24-Hour Support Services
    If you are faced with a problem or have certain problems in managing hosting, you can ask for help from a technical support team that is ready to serve you 24 hours non-stop. For information, Niagahoster is one of the hosting companies with the best support services.
  9. 100% Refund Guarantee
    Niagahoster guarantees a 100 percent refund without any conditions. For no more than 30 days after the purchase of the hosting package, your money will be returned in full if you request a refund.


Regardless of the type of website you want to create, quality hosting is one of the most important aspects that needs to be considered, especially if you plan to build a website or blog with an orientation for online businesses.

Niagahoster is a pioneer in domestic web hosting that has been tested enough. And as long as they use their services for years, until now I have never been faced with any problems.

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