The difference between a domain name and web hosting

To create a website, you must have a domain name and web hosting. But what is a domain name? What is a webhosting? Are not they the same?

It is important that you understand their differences before moving on. Create your first website .

What is a webhosting?

A webhosting is a computer where users store their websites. Think of this as a house where you keep all your belongings. Instead of storing your clothes and furniture, store computer files (HTML, documents, pictures, videos, etc.) in a web host.

In most cases, the term “web hosting” refers to the company that leases their computer / server to store your website and provide an Internet connection so that other users can access the files on your website.

In most cases, these hosting companies take over maintenance on the server, such as: Backup, root configuration, maintenance, disaster recovery and so on.

 To host a website

Web Hosting Companies: InMotion Hosting , Siteground , A2 Hosting .

What is a domain name?

A domain is the address of your website. Before you can set up a website, you need a domain.

To own a domain name, you must register it with a domain registrar.

The domain name is not physical, which you can touch or see. It’s a string that gives your website an identity (yes, a name, like people and companies). Examples of domain names:,,,, and

All domain names are unique. This means that there can only be one in the world. You can not register a name after it has been registered by others ICANN ).

 To search and register a domain name:

Registrars for domain names: Name Cheap , Los Papa .

Domain name vs webhosting

To simplify: A domain name is like the address of your home; Web hosting on the other hand, is the space of your home where you place your furniture.

Instead of street name and area code, the site is named using a set of words and / or numbers. Computer hard disk and computer storage are used instead of wood and steel for storing and processing files. The idea is illustrated more clearly with the diagram above.

Why the confusion?

One reason novices are confused is that domain registration and web hosting services are often offered by the same provider.

Traditional domain registrars, which previously only offered domain registration services, offer website hosting services. Most web hosting companies today have the ability to register a domain name for their users. In fact, many hosting providers give away free (or almost free) domain names to attract new customers.

 Companies that give free (or almost free) domains

Web Hosting: InMotion Hosting (free domain for 1-year), GreenGeeks (free domain for 1-year), Hostgator(domain costs $ 0.01 for 1-year).

Картинки по запросу hosting

Opinion: Should you buy domain and web hosting from the same company?

Should you purchase domain names and hosting services in the same location? My personal recommendation …

1 – Never register your important domains with your webhost

I usually register my domains called Cheap and host them with another hosting provider. This page you are currently reading is for example in InMotion Hosting .

This will ensure that my domain stays in my hands in case something goes wrong with my hosting provider.

It’s much easier to switch to a new hosting company if you register your domain with a third party. Otherwise, you will have to wait for your hosting company to release your domain. This can be difficult as they also lose your hosting business.

2- But not everyone agrees …

But wait … that’s just me (I’m a dinosaur). Many webmasters buy their domain and host it in the same place. And that’s fine – especially if you live with a reputable solution provider with good business experience. Here is another opinion from Twitter:

Tamar Weinberg✔@tamar

@WebHostingJerry saw your recent post re: hosting. thanks. a few notes: namecheap actually maintains separate hosting/domain name entities, so nothing would go awry to impact your hosting or domain or vice versa. that indeed was a true mindset (contd)2:03 AM – Oct 12, 2018Twitter Ads info and privacy See Tamar Weinberg’s other Tweets

Tamar Weinberg✔@tamar

@WebHostingJerry back in the day, but that has since changed. we at namecheap have written on it pretty extensively when we created a separate hosting company, almost, under our name. they’re different. different people. see …12:04 AM – Oct 12, 2018Twitter Ads info and privacyCan a domain registrar be a good web host?In this blog post I look at whether a domain registrar can be a good web hosting providernamecheap.comSee Tamar Weinberg’s other Tweets

What if you have already registered your domain with the hosting company?

Well, you have two options.

  1. Just live with it and do nothing.
  2. Transfer your domain name to a third-party registrar.

For # 2 – Find detailed instructions Submit your domain name to Name Cheap . And here’s how you can do it for GoDaddy . Basically, you just need to do that

  1. Obtain the Auth / EPP code from your current registrar (in this case – your hosting company)
  2. Submit the transfer request to the new domain registrar

Note that, as the ICANN policy for the transfer of registrations domains that are less than 60 days old or have been transferred within the last 60 days, can not be transferred. You must wait at least 60 days before transferring.

Further reading

We covered A-to-Z in how to buy a domain name and the technical details of how web hosting works . These tutorials should be useful for those who are creating and hosting their website for the first time.

Again, the list of hosting companies I have tested and reviewed in the past; and here is my best 10 hosting tips .

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