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You might be looking for the best reference for reliable web hostingservices where not all web hosting providers can provide the best service they offer in their ad campaigns. Although there are quite a lot of web hosting providers who claim to have quality services, the fact is that there are many that are the opposite so that as consumers we are required to be truly slaughtered in making choices considering web hosting is one of the most important provisions for developing self hosting based websites or blogs such as blogs who use the WordPress , Joomla, Drupal, etc. engines .

My discussion on this specific post leads to unlimited web hosting services. As is known, hosting packages have certain limitations such as the limitations of disk space. If you plan to build a large-scale weblog, then you must choose unlimited web hosting services because there will be many files that you will upload, both files in the form of images, videos, and other types of files that can take up your online cupboard storage space (hosting )

Картинки по запросу hosting

The price of unlimited hosting is quite diverse, but in essence, of course you want unlimited quality web hosting services that have been tested. It’s useless to subscribe to unlimited web hosting, but on the other hand the blog you manage is often down because the quality of the server you are using is not in accordance with the level of need. This should be anticipated so that in the future you can focus on managing and developing your weblog.

Apart from being differentiated on term prices, the types of unlimited hosting generally also have differences on the features side. The more complete and helpful features provided, the price is even more expensive. However, based on personal experience and the incorporation of a number of positive opinions from a number of fellow bloggers, I found an unlimited quality web hosting service that is relatively cheap.

Of the many best web hosting providers in Indonesia, the best local unlimited hosting recommendation is

Niagahoster offers a number of important features and the quality is truly tested. With relatively cheap prices for the size of web hosting services in its class, this one provider is the best choice to meet your web hosting needs, both for news websites, forum sites, personal blogs and online store sites. With the quality of reliable service, now Niagahoster has been trusted by expert bloggers, educational institutions and government agencies, to the developers of online store sites.

Картинки по запросу hosting


Here are some benefits that you can get by subscribing to the Niagahoster hosting package:

  • The fastest access time using cPanel and the best IIX web hosting server in Indonesia
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee with unlimited bandwidth
  • 30 days money back guarantee without conditions
  • Free domains forever with full Domain Manager access
  • Google: SSL / HTTPS improves your security & SEO
  • Provides the most complete hosting features
  • The cheapest price in its class
  • Customer support services are very satisfying with a 9/10 user rating
  • Guaranteed data security, anti hacker, anti DOS, anti spammer.
  • Unlimited disk space (except Baby packages)


Basically, many other local providers also offer a number of similar things, but in practice these are often not as promised. In Niagahoster, the services that you get are as informed, including:

  • The server proved to be tough. This is very important to deal with the surge in blog traffic. Without a qualified server, you can be sure your blog will not be accessible because the server is down.
  • Security is fully guaranteed. In Niagahoster, your website’s data or files are certainly safe from theft with a super protective security system.
  • Cheapest price. For the size of the cost of quality web hosting services, Niagahoster is proven to be one of the providers who offer services that are quite cheap.
  • Unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. If you intend to cancel the subscription, you will not be subject to any conditions. Your money will be completely reversed in 30 days.
  • The most influential provider in Indonesia. Niagahoster is one of the most calculated web hosting providers in Indonesia. To uncover, you can compare the number of Niagahoster users with other providers.

Finally, trust your weblog hosting to the right provider. Hosting is the determinant of the success of your weblog. Incorrectly choosing hosting, it is the same as working without results.

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