12 Tips For Choosing The Right Domain Name For Your Website

Here are some steps you can use to find the right and perfect domain name for your new website!

  1. Use a creative and brandable domain name

As mentioned before, your domain name will become your identity in the online world. Therefore, as much as possible use a name that is creative and brandable so that you can do branding easily. Your domain will be a name that customers and your website visitors look for, remember and share.

Then what is meant by brandable?

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Brandable domain names are unique and prominent names compared to other competitors. Of course with a unique name, you will be remembered by many people. Then how do you find a brandable name?

  • Create a new word. You can make new words that sound catchy to attract attention. Google and Yahoo are the two big companies that do this.
  • Use interesting words that already exist. You can search for words that may be rarely used everyday but according to your business.
  • Use a domain name generator. Now on the internet there are many generators that you can use to search for domain names simply by entering words that you feel are suitable for your domain name.
  1. Make sure that your domain is easy to type

Finding a domain name that is easy to remember and easy to type will help you achieve online success. If you use slang spellings or words that have multiple spellings it will make it hard to remember.

  1. Use a short domain name

If your domain name is long and complicated, there is a possibility that your customer cannot remember your domain. Or they might also be able to spell or type in your domain address. If you use a short domain, it is of course unlikely that such things will occur. It is recommended to choose your domain name, your domain name is no more than 17 characters.

  1. Use keywords that are related to the needs of your website

If this domain is for a business website, try entering keywords that are related to your business and service in your domain name. For example, if you have a laundry business, enter the laundry keyword in the domain. Using keywords in the domain can help SEO your business website to appear on the first page of search results. That way, you will also increase your website traffic .

  1. Think long term

Although you are advised to use keywords in your domain name, but also remember not to choose a domain that is too niche. Think about your plan going forward. Do you plan to expand? For example, if you plan to do business in the field of SEO. Maybe you want to enter the word SEO in your domain name. But first think about whether you want to expand in the future? Maybe you will offer other services such as web development or email marketing. If you use a domain name with the word SEO in it, of course this name will become less relevant in the future. Maybe you think that you can change your domain name, but changing your domain name will affect your SEO branding and ranking. So you should think of the domain name for your website from the start.

  1. Your target area

If your business is a local business, you can also consider entering your city name in your domain so that potential customers and local customers can easily find you.

  1. Use a domain that is easy to remember

In this world there are millions of registered domain names so it is very important if you have a catchy and easy to remember domain name. To test, you can ask other people if the name is easy to remember? If so, then maybe you can use the domain.

  1. Research!

In choosing a domain name, make sure that your domain name is not on trademark, copyright, or used by another company. If you use a name that is already trademarked, copyrighted, and used by another company, you may be subject to legal problems.

Therefore, it is very important for you to do research before choosing a domain name. Before you buy a domain, you must first check whether the name you want is still available. You don’t need to worry because Dewaweb prepares tools to check whether the domain you want is still available or not.

  1. Check whether your domain name is available on social media

Before you choose a particular domain name, check first whether the name is available on social media sites, and whether there are trademarks that have been registered for that name.

To build your brand, it’s a good idea to have the same name in all your domains and social media. It builds branding and makes it easy for visitors, fans and customers to find you on the web. In addition, to avoid legal problems, you should stay away from names that already have trademarks or trademarks.

  1. Avoid using numbers and hyphens

It is best to avoid using numbers and hyphens. As much as possible do not use numbers and hyphens in your domain name. Using hyphens can make your domain more complicated. Imagine if Facebook had hyphens between Face and Book to become a Face-book? Not necessarily they can become as famous as now. In essence, using hyphens and numbers on your domain can make your domain name complicated.

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  1. Use the right domain extension

Extension is a suffix that exists on a domain such as .com or .net at the end of the website address. Until now, the .com extension is the most popular extension but getting a short and easy to remember name with the .com domain is indeed more difficult because this extension has been around for a long time.

At present, there are already many generic top-level domains such as .photography, .guru, or .id. Maybe extensions like this can help you get shorter, more relevant domain names more easily. The following are some of the extensions that are often used and how they are used:

  • .co – usually used for companies, commercial websites, and communities
  • .info – usually used for informative websites
  • .net – usually used for websites that discuss or provide technical or internet infrastructure
  • .org – usually used for non-commercial and non-profit organization websites
  • .biz – usually used for business and commercial websites, such as e-commerce websites
  • .me – usually used for personal websites, blogs, or resumes
  1. Protect and build your brand

To protect your brand, it’s a good idea to buy a domain in several different extensions. This is so that your competitors do not register other versions of your website domain. In addition, by having several versions of your domain name, your website visitors will still be connected to your website even though they typed incorrectly.


Regular domain names are quickly sold and taken by other people. Therefore, you must move quickly in choosing the domain name you want. Well, if you are confused where you can buy a domain at the best price, you have come to the right place! Dewaweb offers cheap domains  and can even be free if you buy a cloud hosting package in Dewaweb. Thank you!

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