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A separate domain is the basis for your professional web presence. It makes it easier for customers and visitors to find your website and at the same time offers you many advantages, such as the use of a personal e-mail address. We offer a huge selection of domain extensions (TLDs) at a fair price. Your desired domain is already taken? Take a look at what we can offer you as an alternative. 

The subsequent configuration of your domain portfolio is as simple as all our services. An intuitive interface leaves no questions arise, you can manage owners and administrators rights completely and independently.

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Your domain portfolio in safe hands

With us you can choose between numerous domain extensions and register them quickly and easily. Our simple user interface helps you not to lose track of many domains. So you can easily manage your domain portfolio. However, in addition to being able to set up simple redirects, experienced users do not have to forego professional options such as DNS settings or real-time registration. 

If you have any questions about your domain, our competent service will help you. In addition, you will find helpful articles in our extensive FAQ database.

How can I register a domain?

Enter your desired domain name in our domain search and then click on “Search”. After a short time you will receive the result of the domain check. Now select one or more of the available domains you want to register. On the following page, enter your personal data and the desired payment method and complete the order. The domain order will be executed immediately by us.

What to consider when choosing a domain?

In principle, you can freely choose your domain name . If you have not yet decided on a name, it is advisable to use a short and memorable domain name. If possible, use a maximum of two terms that you combine with a hyphen. You should also note that you do not violate any trademark rights.

How can I move a domain?

Enter your domain name in the domain search and then click on “Search”. You get the information that the domain is already occupied – by you. Now click on “Providerwechsel” in the overview and finish the order. To initiate a domain relocation, you now need the so-called Auth code . This code, which serves as a password to secure the provider change, you get from your previous provider. As soon as you have the Auth code, you can enter it in our customer center. The domain removal will be started automatically by us.

How long does it take for my domain to be registered?

That depends entirely on the chosen domain extension, the so-called Top Level Domain (TLD). Campus storage generally registers domains in real-time , so your order will be forwarded to the appropriate registrar immediately upon receipt. With the well-known domain extensions (eg .de / .com / .net / .eu) the registration usually takes only a few minutes. You can view the progress of the registration at any time in the Customer Center. However, once the domain has been successfully registered, it can take up to 24 hours to get it right in your browser.

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