5 Types of Web Hosting

Service Web hosting is divided into so wide. Users can choose one according to their website or business needs. For beginners, they generally use shared hosting, which is a type of hosting that uses a single server to host several client websites.

Types of Web Hosting

Apart from ordinary shared hosting, there are still several other types of hosting services with advantages and prices that are different from each other, and here are some types of web hosting that can be adjusted to the scale of your website’s resource needs.

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1. Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is a basic web hosting service that uses one server to host several websites. The advantages of shared hosting are its low price. While the disadvantages are not suitable for websites that have high traffic.

2. Virtual Private Server

VPS is a one-level web hosting service that is above shared hosting. VPS is a type of server that uses virtualization technology to divide physical server hardware into several virtual servers that are hosted on the same physical infrastructure. VPS is generally used by websites with medium scale traffic.

3. Dedicated Server

Dedicated hosting or a dedicated server is a web hosting service using the server as a whole. You can use these servers for testing applications, web hosting services, and other digital services. Dedicated servers are suitable for large-scale websites such as news sites, forums and online store sites .

4. Server Colocation

Colocation Server is a place that provides services to store servers in data centers that have physical and infrastructure security standards such as electric current stability, flooring, UPS, power generators, air temperature control, stability of internet access, CCTV and security personnel who will work every day in monitor your server.

5. Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting that uses a variety of servers to balance load and maximize uptime. Cloud hosting has a number of advantages. Some of the advantages of cloud hosting are the main focus on uptime, own resources, ease of scaling, and dedicated IP addresses.

What do you do after choosing a topic and determining the target audience ? Yup, it’s time for you to choose a domain name. Domain names are unique names given to identify the address of a website on the internet.

You need to know, the domain name is important for the authority blog that you will make. Why? Because the domain name can build your brand.

For this reason, you need to choose a good domain name. Unfortunately, choosing a domain name like that is not easy. The thing is, good domain names are usually taken by people.

However, you should not be sad. In this article I will show you step by step choosing a good domain name. Let’s start!

Good Domain Name Criteria

A good domain name is relative, right? I think it’s good, not necessarily in your opinion. Even so, I have five criteria for a good domain name, namely:

1. Brandable

Illustration of choosing a domain name

Brandable means that the domain name can be your brand. For example, Problogger.com is the brand of Darren Rowse, a world-renowned blogger from Australia.

Another example is SocialTriggers.com which is the brand owner, Derek Halpern.

Can a brandable domain name contain keywords? Of course, I can. Just look at SmartPassiveIncome.com which is the brand of Pat Flynn or DevelopGoodHabits.com which is the brand of Steve Scott.

2. Not violating the company’s brand or other people’s jargon

The second criterion is not violating the company’s brand or other people’s jargon. Therefore, avoid using these two things. Why? Because you can be sued by companies or people who have jargon.

For example, on March 12, 2010, Sony Corp sent a summons to an Indonesian blogger named Sony Arianto Kurniawan (owner of the blog Sony-AK.com). Because, according to Sony Corp., Sony said in the domain name violated the Japanese company trademark.

Another example, on March 19, 2013 Yahoo! Inc. through its attorney filed an objection to the information site about the uniqueness of the City of Bandung, namely Kudunyahoo.com. According to Yahoo! Inc., the “Yahoo” element on the site resembles the Yahoo! brand.

What about jargon? As far as I know, until the time this article was published there were no bloggers or website owners who had been sued by jargon owners.

However, if you use the word syantik in your domain name, get ready if you are disseminated by Syahrini later on. The reason is, as reported by national mass media, Syahrini questioned the word syantik in the song Siti Badriah .

3. Easy to remember, say, and write

Criteria for the next good domain name are easy to remember, say, and write. Why? In order to make it easier for your blog visitors to remember, say, and write your blog’s domain name.

Just sharing stories, I have a bad experience with Blogodolar. Even though Blogodolar has become my brand, I didn’t like it in the past two years.

Why? Below are the reasons.

  1. Some people often mispronounce and write it into a Blog Dollar or Blogodollar.
  2. My goal for creating this blog is to look for dollars from paid English reviews. Meanwhile, in the past few years, I have reviewed ways to generate rupiah from blogs. So it doesn’t connect with the domain name, right?
  3. Blogodolar is limited to blogging tips. So I feel less comfortable when I expand my wings by reviewing other online business models.

4. Short

The fourth criterion is short (maximum 3 words). Why? Besides being easier to remember, a short domain name will also make it easier for you to create a logo.

It’s different if your domain name is long. For example, I have a long domain name, namely TipsBelajarBahasaInggris.com. As a result, I have difficulty making and placing a logo on the blog.

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5. Never used by others before

The last criterion was never used by someone else before. Why? Because if ever used by someone else, who knows the domain name is used for spam or fraudulent activities. You will lose later, right?

Indeed, the previous content in the domain name can be checked whether it is good or not with the Archive.org site . But for me, checking is a waste of time. So I prefer domain names that have never been used by others.

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